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EUBOS Sensitive Range (4 in 1 Bundle)

EUBOS Sensitive Range (4 in 1 Bundle)

EUBOS Sensitive Range (4 in 1 Bundle)

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EUBOS Sensitive SHOWER OIL F, this mild cleanser protects the skin’s natural biosphere from head to toe. Recommended for persons diagnosed as having particularly dry and sensitive skin.

Ingredients  : Soybean Oil ; Almond Oil ; Safflower Oil ; Chamomile extract with Bisabolol.

Application : Apply Shower Oil F thoroughly on damp skin ; leave it on for a few minutes to experience  maximum effect. Then rinse off with lukewarm water. Shake gently before use.

Healthier,  more Radiant Skin All Day Long . Highly Recommended by Dermatologists

EUBOS Sensitive LOTION DERMO-PROTECTIVE, an effective dermatological body care lotion that moisturises, protects and repairs skin from head to toe. This hypoallergenic formula is infused with 

selected natural oils and is free from colourants, paraffin and PEG-derivatives. Regular application will strengthen the skin’s natural defence system, enhance skin hydration and support skin regeneration.

Ingredients     : Avocado, Shea Fruit extracts, Vitamin E, Macadamia Nut Oil, Glycerol, Amino acids, Urea and Lactic acid.

Application    : Cleanse with EUBOS Sensitive SHOWER OIL F, pat dry, then apply EUBOS Sensitive LOTION DERMO-PROTECTIVE to the whole body.

EUBOS Sensitive Hand Repair & Care, It is your fast and effective solution to keeping your hands soft with active ingredients including Shea Butter, Panthenol, Vitamin E, Dimethicone and 

many skin nourishing ingredients to help form protective layer around your hands while smoothing rough, dry, cracked and calloused skin to give you that smooth, supple feeling.

EUBOS Shampoo Dermo-Protective for Sensitive and Dry Scalp, Mild cleansing and care for sensitive and dry scalp. Effective conditioning agents strengthen and protect even damaged hair. Active ingredients like panthenol 

(pro-vitamin B5), wheat protein and moisturising factors protect hair and scalp from drying out, adding brightness and protection to the hair, with skin-soothing thermal water