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Promotion Urea Face Cream 2 Tubes

Promotion Urea Face Cream  2 Tubes
Promotion Urea Face Cream 2 Tubes
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  • Model: Promotion Urea Face Cream 2 Tubes
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EUBOS Urea 5% Face Cream     50ml

For dry, rough and taut skin. Pleasantly light, quickly absorbable O/W emulsion with 5% urea, macadamia nut oil and allantoin.

Provides intensive moisture,  strengthens the natural protective barrier, reduces tautness and smooths skin perceptibly.

Also recommended as therapy-accompanying care in case of dermatological problems.   Compatible with make-up.

Perfume-free / Paraben-free / Colorant-free / Alkaline Soap-free / Physiological pH